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Is that Mold? How to find out & what to do about it.

How Fast Does Mold Grow And What To Do About It Mold is a serious problem for residential and commercial properties. In fact, water is the Number One destroyer of buildings and water is the source of mold. So, how long does it take for mold to grow? What should you do about it?  Realize […]

What is a GFCI?

You may have heard the word from your electricians or inspectors, but what really is a GFCI or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter? Well, as the name implies, if there is a ground fault, it interrupts the circuit. But what does a ground fault even mean?! What is a Ground Fault? You know when you learned in […]

What is an AFCI breaker?

An AFCI breaker is an acronym that stands for Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter. These breakers function by detecting if there is an arc in electricity and then shutting power off to stop the arcing. You can tell if you have AFCI breakers by looking at your electrical panel. A few breakers should have buttons for […]

What are Home Inspectors Not Allowed to Do?

Introduction to Home Inspection Limitations What is a home inspection? A home inspection is a visible examination of the home. It is important to note the word “visible”, and also further note that the inspection is only a snapshot of the home at a given time. Therefore, as Realtors and buyers, we should understand that […]

The Post Closing Home Inspection

If you’re reading this, you know how competitive the housing market is in the Tri-Cities area of Northeast Tennessee and statistics are continuing to set new records month after month. As more and more people leave California, Oregon, Washington, New York, Florida and many more.  More and more buyers are waiving their home inspection to […]

OMG! My Home Inspector Missed a Big Issue! What now?

As a home inspector, I will be the first to admit that home inspectors are human and can make mistakes.  Even the most experienced home inspector who is always on their best game can miss something. So how does it happen? What should you do? Is there a chance you can get this resolved? And […]